Monday, June 16, 2008

The Two Best Friends!!

Yepp.. Thats my Best Friend, Alyssa!!

And here's my other Best Friend..

Landon :)
I love 'em both, there awesome <3


Heidi said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are blogging---FUN FUN! Love it--love your pics--You are just Beautiful! Help your mom now--cause that will just be too cool! Put us on your elements (FAMILY and Friends) Love ya,
Your favorite Auntie!

Joosie D. said...

Hey you,
guess what?
i got one of these,
not so much on it, just some pics of snowboarding and my bucket list
haha i cant think of what to add to it.
you need to msn message me or text me your address again ha so i can mail you
penpals and bedtime stories love.
even though im not a best friend
i don't get that.
peace and love dear.