Friday, June 27, 2008

My Own Memory Lane :) - Halloween

Justin doing my make up for Thriller!
Alll ready :)

After the showw

[[[ Thriller was a Broadyway Show that i auditioned for in October, and made it.. we performed the weekend before Halloween at Ellen Eccles Theatre. This Broadway was produced by Oddessey Dance Theatre -- There amazing!! -- The show was quite amazing its self. i mean who wouldnt want to dress up like a zombie and walk around the theatre scaring people, and not to mention the children that were there.. but to go you had to be above a certain age because it was quite the Thrill, hence the name Thriller :) haha. The song i danced to was the very last number, Thriller by Michael Jackson - woooot!!! Definitely the time of my life!! ]]]


annilee said...

Hey you cute girl! I am so glad you have a blog! I just barely saw your comments!!! You get more beautiful every day!!! And good job getting your mom into the blogging! Miracles can happen!!! Love Ya!!!

Heidi said...

Hey Brit----ooooooooooo Scary girl--Love that---You are sooo good--I would have loved to see that broadway---YOu are soooo talented!!! Tell all hello----Happy 4th