Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Pool!

I know, I know.. This is probably the reastiest picture you will EVER see in your whole life.. But Hey! It was a fun day :) lets seee, i went to the pool on July 9th.. So Wednesday. The whole family went and of course Landon had to come too. So Me, Landon, Mariah, and her friend Ashlee hung out together the whole time in the "big pool" it was fun.. Except they all decided to gang up on me and dunk me a million and a half times, and they were always stealing ma pimp glasses. Sheeeeesh. Hahaha, but overly we all had a good time --- HOlllllA! :) <33


Heidi said...

Hey QT!! Looks fun---You are just too cute---and so is Landon--FUN FUN!!! COme and see us and play Wii fit--We loveit!

annilee said...

It's about time girly! You need to post more often! You look cute as ever, and Landon looks like a "hottie"! Is that still what you call them! I can't keep up on the lingo these days! Miss Ya!!!