Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Boyfriendd.

Landonn. <3

&& againnn//passing

So since i'm always talking about myself I figured I might as well talk a little bit about my best friend, not to mention my boyfriend - Landon S. - He is such a crazzzy, me and him do the dumbest stuff when were together. He's quite athletic. He was on our Freshman Football, Basketball, & Baseball team, and he is an amazing skiier.. and me? Yeah, I suck at snowboarding so that doesn't happen very often that I go with him up to the mountain. Ha ha. Lets see what else.. Umm. OH!! He has a dirt bike, he calls it a Motorcycle but its definitely a dirt bike - so whatever we always fight on that one. Ha haa. But oh my goodness, that thing is such a rush! Hah ahh. Oh my if you could only see me on that! All I do is hold on for life, and scream. He laughs, but I feel as if im going to die.. -- hmmm, welll not exactly what else to say but we've been together for six & a half months (since January 15th) and things are still going pretty goood, yeah summer has been tough.. but schools about to start so hopefully things will get easier.. We'll seee. I'll keep ya'll posted. Ha aha.

Love yaa. :)

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