Friday, August 1, 2008

The Perks of Babysitting.

My Brother Jacksonnn.
Ohh, the things I make that child doo.

Firstt off, I was babysitting and I was boredd.
Jackson entertained me.

Andd what did I make him do..
Dress up like a girllll of course.

Accessories included:
-My cute white hat.
-My A.E. Key Scarf.
-My brown Buckle mini jacket.
-My pink A.E. dress.
-My P.I.M.P. "bling" from Kohls.
-My heart necklace from A.E.
-My tan bra from like sixth grade, (A34)
-My sweeeet heels :)
[[ was gonna make him wear my underwear..
but - he insisted on wearing his own ]]

hOllllllA -- foo sho.
I know, I know.. I'm the best sister ever!

hahhaaa, I love ya Jackson. <33
buttt, one last thing.

Ahh, the perks of babysittingg.

definitely. :)


Heidi said...

oh Britt-----britt---your mother is going to kill you---and your father---YIKES!! oh my Jax---you do make a cute little girl--I guess you will always have blackmail for him when hes older---funny!!!

annilee said...

Oh my goodness, that is way too funny! You are soooo dead! But great blackmail, I agree with Heidi!