Monday, August 18, 2008

Lake Of Bearrrr :D

Thee Family at the infamous Lake of Bearr {BearrrLakee} hOllllA. I gotta admit it wasn't as big as a drag as I thought it was going to be. But we all got pretty fried, but it was way to cold to swim if you ask me but then again im not much of a swimmer. Eww to water. I just liked to watch all the cute little babies eat sand, haa. Ahh The Griffin side of the family is a hooot. OH!! And on the way up there Me and Tiara got to ride up with my Grandma 'Shell, and she just bought a Charger!! Okay it is the sweeeetest car ever. We called it the "pimp-mobile" :) gotta admit, I felt fly. And ofcoursee 'Gramz pimped it out the whole time! -- Yayy Bearrr Lake, I hope I never have to go back till next yearr.. Once a year is enough, fun or not. Ha.

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annilee said...

Awww so jealous!!! Wish we could have went! Miss you!