Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vistaun Camp :)


Ahhhhhh, Vistaun Camp. It was actually at the first of June but I was just looking through all my photos and I saw these and I laughed hysterically so I had to post themm..
So we had just been practicing our dances outside in the rain and it was freezing cold!! And so us four "spooner girls" ran inside and hopped in our bed and we spooned. Haaha! So its Jacqi, Me, Jordyn, and Mickelle.
Andddd, here's the crazzzy piccchures.

&& here's one moree..

Thatss all im going to post of those picturess.. but i'll just briefly let ya'll know what went down at camp. First off the whole team went so 25 girls and two crazy insane coaches were cooped up in one cabin.. and it honestly was the time of our lives. I wish I had more pictures but I dont.. So, Camp was at Bear Lake.. and we worked so hard.

We learned five dances:

-Don't Stop The Music

-Bring Em' Out

-Taylor Made

-Dance Like There's No Tomorrow



And we learned them on this little patch of lawn in front of the cabin, and the saddest part of all.. It rained all three days that we were there!! So we all froze! But it was so worth it.

And a little bit about our coaches.. Gahh I just love them, they are crazy. They are definitely not your average drill team coaches.. There only strict when they need to be, but they end up laughing when they try to be strict so were constantly having a good time. They're two of my favorite people ever! There amazing. && they know there stuff, so Sky View Vistauns are actually going to win this year so all you other drill teams best be watching out cause were definitely bringin' it on this year. So umm, hOlllllA/ :)

Teamm Pictureeee.

And one little thing that I will always remember about camp and our coaches is.. that we went SKINNNY DIPPING !!!!! ahhhhhh. Funniest part of all, is we were all going to sneak out and run two miles to Bear Lake.. but our coaches caught on to what we were planning and they offered to take us! Helllo cool coaches I tell yaa. :) so they took a Van and a Car, and we squeezed in 25 girls & two coaches! I can't even imagine how bad it woulda been if we woulda go pulled over. Hahaa. So. We they dropped us off and our coaches stayed in there cars and we ran to the water, we got down there and we broke out our glow sticks so we could all make sure we wouldnt run into each other or that no one would drown, and we each held hands with another girl, whom was our "water buddy". And my buddy was my bfff Jacqi. So we all put on our glow sticks stripped down put our towls on stood in a circle did our Vistuan Cheer and dropped our towls on three, grabbed our buddy's hand and ran full speed into the water!! If any one walked by then they got the chance of seeing 25 white bums running full speed into the water, which was so cold i might add.. and none of us could breath, we got out to as deep as our chests and we turned around and ran back to shore where we proceeded to run around before grabbing our clothes or towels.. Yeeeah i'd definitly say we do some crazy things because all of us are so extremely out going!

Ahhh how much I love my team.. :)

OPEEE, one last story!

Okayy, so me and like eight other girls got our bakinis on ( and it had to have been almost midnight ) and we grabbed a bunch of tampons and tied them to our fingers and got them wet and ran around whipping people!! Hahaha! We called ourselves "The Bakini Bandits" - We were laughing hystericallly. It was so much fun.. ahhh I died from laughter.

Okayy, so we've got starting in the back left corner.. Mattayya, Celessste, Tawnii, and Alixx.. and in the front row its, Jacqiiii, Jordynnn, Kesleyy, && meee. (Yess those be our tampons and aplicators.. who knew they had more than one use! Hahha)

thiss pichuree, its Me, Jacqi, Celeste, Caitlyn, Tawni && Jordyn.


"Bakini Bandits" -- Us three are responsible for the whole idea! -- my bff's!

In thisss final picture, its me and Jordyn. If you ask me this is the sweeeetest Bandit picture everrrrr. hEllllllO. Forr real. Hhaa, were hilarious.. How could you not love us girls..


In the end, Camp was greatttt.

I wish I woulda talked about it sooner considering it was at the first of June, but better late than never! ..right?

Love ya Vistaunss, your all so "fierce" :)

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