Friday, August 29, 2008

Mee & Landon. :)

ME AND LANDON - 7 1/2 months down the road... :)
(just chilllin on the couch, ha ahh I hate when he looks at me like that)

[awhh we can be cute :) much love]


So, I decided to paint his pinky's blue!

He ended up taking it off though, but it was funny.

his hands with the polish, and yea those are my bracelts.

He thinks he is cool and steals my bling.

hhaa, and idk why he is so veiny.


Us, just vibin in ma rooom.
Mariah took this picture.

-She kinda missed our faces-


Bored, yet again..

So we fought.

Definite UFC Champions we are, and I won.

.. and he's my prize. :)

Love ya Landoo. :)


I'll post more pictures when I get some..

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annilee said...

K waiting for a new post from my favorite teenager!! How bout you blog about your move. I want to hear your opinion!