Saturday, December 27, 2008

Homecoming [[ ]]

Me and my date, Nick!
This was taken before we left on out day date.
Which was at The Sports Academy.
It was such a RIOT!
We had the biggest group in school.
We had like 20 or so couples...
I can't exactly remember.

Here is ALMOST every girl that was in our group!
key word: almost


Nick and I before the dance.
We were on our way to dinner!


Dinner Buddies. (:
Our group was so big...
we had to split up into a bunch of little groups for dinner.
Which was delicious of course.

The one wild picture!
peacce -- west side
yeahh... were caarazzy kids.


My First Dance: Homecoming.
It was so much fun...
Brief explanation of my day
Nick picked me up for the day date, which was at The Sports Academy and we were there for a few hours it was a lot of fun.
After that Nick brought me home and I started getting ready for the dance.
I had a little under two hours to get ready.. and this is where the disaster began! So the lady that told me she would curl my hair for the dance was in Boise! AHH! No way.. this can't be happening.
Yeah I was so pissed.
And to top it off my mom wasn't even home.. ugghhh disaster!
So I had my little sister Mariah attempt to curl my hair. But thing is I never curl my hair so I am very hard to please with anyone curling my hair. So she hurried and curled it... and I just absolutely hated it! I felt bad because she tried her best but I just didn't love it..
So I hurried and washed my hair and blow dried it, straightened it, threw my make up on in all of twenty minutes!
So I hurried and threw my dress on because it was only a matter of minutes before Nick came to pick me up! So I put my dress on and then remembered I had to pin my shoulder straps because they were a tad bit to large and I didnt wanna "fall out" all night... hahaha.
So I got the pins and of course I couldnt pin it myself and my mother wasn't home so I called over my neighbor and she ran over and helped me... Ahhhhh thank you Tammy.
And right as she finishes pinning me Nick arrives.. Perfect Timing!
We took pictures, then had to stop at his house for more pictures.
Then we went to dinner.. took more pictures.
Then we went to the dance and had MORE PICTURES taken..
then we finally danced! -- SO FUN.. :)
Then after the dance we headed up to my friends house and we watched a movie.
Movie ended and Nick took me home and I got in the door barely before 2 a.m.
What a night. :D

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