Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweethearts Dance. (:

Thats me in my Sweethearts Dress!! (: Not gonna lie, I felt like a princess.

Me and my date - Caden Sorenson.

My dress was so big I could barley fit in my best friend Kesleys Car!!
I practically had to lay down!
This is me and Caden, with Kesley and Josh!

Me and Caden, one last time!!!
So my night.
It was sooooo fun!
Our day date: We went rock climbing!
(Me and my two best friends @ rock climbing)
Jacqi - me - Jordyn
Jacqi and Tanner climbing at The Rockhouse.

After that we both went home and got ready.
Kesley came and got me with her date Josh and we went and picked Caden up.
Then we went to dinner at Firehouse that was a Riot.
Here are some picture of some of the kids in our group at dinner w/ there dates!!
Me and Caden

Kesley and Josh!

Jordyn and Brady!
Tanner and Jacqi.
After dinner at Firehouse we went too The Dance and it was so much fun!
We took picture and danced for hours!
After the dance we went to Angie and cleaned the sink!
Cleaning the sink is where they fill a Sink full of ice cream and you have to eat it all in order to get a sticker saying "I cleaned the sink at Angies".
This is Josh and Caden cleaning the sink!
Ew... made me sick.

Yeahh... this is me about to throw up from watching the boys eat like ANIMALS!

Well after Angies, we all went Bowling!
It was way fun!
I sucked at Bowling, and Caden did really well!
I was embarrassed a little... Bowling is lame.
but after bowling me and Caden hung out for a while and then I went home!
I arrived at home at home a little after 1 in the morning!
Sweethearts = a great day / night. (: (:

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Heidi said...

OH Brittny....YOU ARe sooo beautiful...Your dresses are gorgeous...LOVn the colors...YOU are GORGEOUS!!!!!! FUN FUN! YOu guys look like you just have a blast....!!! I love these years...enjoy em...reminds me of me and kevin in highschool and going to all the dances..>HOW FUN!