Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mud 4-wheeling!!

Caden & Myself after going 4-wheeling!
(my new favorite thing)
We look like creepers! :P
The jist.
Me - Caden - and our dear friends, McKay and Stephanie.
Got on McKay's fourwheelers and went up to the SV hill.
And boy was it muddy!!!
We rode around in the mudd for about a hour, and as you can see from the pictures..
We had a very dirty outcome!
But who doesn't like getting down and dirty every once and a while!!!
--us again outside afterwards--

--Yeahh.. Ruined those sweats, and hat..
Luckily I had a jacket over so I didn't ruin ma purple shirt!! :D

--Mudd Kisses anyone?--
I wouldnt mind one. (:

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