Monday, July 6, 2009

Past Week Adventures.

I have a secret gift of going cross eyed.
Build a Lego house w/ Caden.

Went to the pool again w/ Caden.
Shocker. ;P

I went to El Sol.
Accidently closed my eyes, cool.
Sold glowy stuff w/ Cadens family at the Lewiston Fair.
Went to the fireworks w/ Caden.
(we've taken better pictures)

I finally bucked up and did a backhandspring at Drill Team practice.
Yeahh boi.
Call me daring if you'd like.
Other things that occured:
-- I set off illegal fireworks on a golf course.
--Got my first pay check.
--Worked a 12 hour shift..... :/
--Got sick.
--Got new tires on my car.
--Attended Jonathon and Jess' wedding.. (I tried putting up pictures but it wouldnt let me.. It was the cutest thing EVER!) :D

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