Sunday, July 19, 2009


Before I got my tonsils out. :D
I had to wear a gown w/ NOTHING underneath..
well I did get to ear my underwear, thank goodness.
For my surgery I couldnt have:
Nail polish, jewelry, make-up, contax, ..ect.
And before my surgery they made me pee in a cup, and I had to get an IV.
The IV was the worst part..
They first tried putting it in my left arm first and 'apparently' my veins were to small and they wiggled a lot so they had to try and put it in my other arm, and it luckily worked...
It hurt so bad, I cried.

And there it is.. :/
So the doctor comes and gets me and takes me to the O.R. and he gets me all situated on the bed and ready for surgery and I am laying there and he asks me....
"So are you ready to tell me a joke"
I reply, "No I dont know any jokes"
he says, "if you dont know any jokes then were just gonna have to do the surgery while you are awake.."
Then my arm starts to really hurt and get super pained. (IV)
I go, "Well I am sorry I dont know any jokes, I am not good at telling them"
Then he says, "Its okay, have a nice nap and take deep breaths"..
Then I was out and the surgery began.

Me after my surgery.. According to my mother I made that face a lot...
How embarrassing.
Here is a few videos of my ridiculous state of mind after my surgery.

here is one more...

Welp. Hope you enjoyed it more than I did...
It was painful and glad I never have to do it ever again in my life.

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annilee said...

Just when I think you never blogged, I checked and much to my surprise there was lot's to catch up on! I love all of your vistaun pics! Remember, I have some retro vistaun items if you would like to show them all up!

Also, I feel so bad for you in your tonsil pics! :( Except I do have to admit, they were pretty funny to watch! Also, your Uncle Cole thinks you no longer like him, since he's been away so long! He said he didn't get much love from you while he was there :(

I love all your pics, you are beautiful as always! Luv ya!