Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sadie Hawkins Dance '09

Going to pick up Hailee then McKay!

Day Date: Sports Academy.
Game: Parkwhore!
-- Was super fun.
Group total: 30

In Video: Mckay, Hailee, and Caden.
-- too bad I couldnt video tape myself try this stunt!
It was a blast, kinda scary though!

After our day date we decided to go to..
Tummy Yummy's!
..for some frozen yogurt of course!
(: delicious.

M e & C a d e n ( :

"Cute bum, where yuh from!".

Tye-Die is in!! (:

Dinner at Chili's!
Chris - Caden - McKay..

Hailee - me - Marissa

After the dance.. Super tired!
We went to Mikelles to watch the movie UP!
Sadie Hawkins '09, was a success! (:

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