Monday, January 18, 2010

Dew Tour '10

Raegan, Hailee, me, Mikelle, Carley, Mckell, & Laura
All dressed up to go 'party party' @ Studio 600!
--this was right after we went to the..
Dashboard Confessionals Concert!

Yeah, so basically are sleeping arrangements were tight!
(: But we enjoyed staying in an apartment together!
We felt so grown up!
On our way up to the...
Dew Tour!

The Super Half Pipe!
We had sweet seats!
If you look closely, the tall orange things towards the top.
We were about 2 more polls down!
Almost in the center! So SWEET.
Where everyone else got to sit!
We were just to lucky I guess.
Snow Yetti!!

Us girls all in our snow clothes!
Ready for a great cold day.
ME and Mckell
My $10 cheeseburger..... I was not happy.

These are New Netherland dogs.
They were so huge!
I had to get a pic!
Me and Willy (:
He was sooo warm!


This snowboarder girl went right over our heads!

Us girls.
Best weekend of our lives!!

Other events that occured:
Got in a fight with a samoan, no joke.
- Met the Chris Brown look-a-like.
- Every man that talked to me there,
thought I went to USU.. awkward.
- Almost got in a fight with the Arby's worker lady..
I was immitating my little sister, and meowed..
and she thought I did it at her.. She was not happy.
- My friend, accidently, ran a stop sign, going 30mph.

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